Projects and blog posts

Nov 12, 2020
QR Server android app

The other day I had to pay some bills using SEPA payment forms. The way I usually do this, is by manually transcribing each SEPA form into my online banking application. This is very time-consuming and error-prone task. I find myself constantly double or triple checking each value in a form ...

Mar 22, 2020
FERI timetable app is back and open source

Hello guys, this is my COVID-19 blog… nah, just kidding, I am not that kind of person. Although I must say, it has been 9 days since the start of the quarantine and my backlog is almost empty. I am trying to find new things to do, to keep myself occupied. So this was the perfect time to fix broken FERI timetable API.

Mar 2019
FERI timetable app says good bye

When I started my first year at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science in Maribor, I was very confused. I never knew where my next lecture was. So I would pull out my laptop in the middle of a hallway and look it up on the school’s website...

Aug 5, 2018
Bottle - lightweight PHP framework inspired by Flask

I've always been in need of a lightweight, easy to use, yet powerful PHP framework. A while ago I had a day of free time, and I decided to build my own. It is very much inspired by python's Flask. It uses AltoRouter routing engine and Twig template engine. Framework is open-source and available on my git repository.

Apr 17, 2017
Cookiebar - Cookie consent banner

Another one-day project of mine is a minimalistic cookie banner plugin for EU cookie law written in javascript. It is easy to use, customize and change it's looks. The code is available on my git repository.

Apr 9, 2017
Java QuickSort implementation

QuickSort implementation that I have written in Java allows sorting List and arrays of object in O(n log n) time. It supports 4 types of pivot picking methods. I've done some benchmarks and it preforms quite well.

Apr 2015 - Mar 2019
FERI urnik android app

When I started studying at Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science there was no good mobile timetable application. That really bothered me, so I decided to make my own.

May 2017

At a time of my employment in U-centrix d.o.o., I was working on an internet booking engine and a website for tourist agency Palma.