Mar 22, 2020

FERI timetable app is back and open source

Hello guys, this is my COVID-19 blog… nah, just kidding, I am not that kind of person. Although I must say, it has been 9 days since the start of the quarantine and my backlog is almost empty. I am trying to find new things to do, to keep myself occupied.

So this was the perfect time to fix broken FERI timetable API. As you might remember, we lost access to the database due to some unfortunate events. I had to be pretty creative to scrape all the data together. Thankfully, I got a very useful tip from a friend who shall remain anonymous. How I did it, you ask? To that I answer: workaround-oriented programming :P

The important thing is that FERI timetable app is now back online. We have also decided to make it open source. You can now redistribute and/or modify FERI timetable app under the terms of the GNU General Public License. Source code is available in the GitLab repo provided below. Anyone who wants to contribute, can request access to the repo by sending an email to

I hope that new open source app will be even more useful as the original one. Ohh, and by the way... if you notice a bug, you can fix it yourself now, I am done :P

So long, guys... stay home and be safe.